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How it works

At Mentor for Good we follow a simple and time-proven methodology for our mentoring.

We start out with a discovery session (either via phone/Skype or in-person) which takes about 45 minutes. In preparation for this session we ask you to provide us with a short written overview of relevant background on your organization, product or service, your progress so far and current challenges. In the session itself we dig deep into these areas and develop an initial plan for our mentoring together. We also explore if we’re the right fit for you (sometimes we are not – and we will always tell you and expect you to tell us as well).

After the initial session we will set up a schedule for future check-ins. This can be anything from regular 20 minute calls every other week to ad-hoc check-ins when you need them. In any case we ask you to follow the guidelines we outline in our welcome email.

A typical mentoring engagement lasts between 3 and 6 months – and we will always be there for you on an ad-hoc basis if you need us afterwards.

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